Welcome!  Our dance classes are held September 7 through June 23 with a show/recital in June. Our short 5 week summer session (July 11-August 13)  is a GREAT time to try some new styles. New dancers are always welcome, space permitting, throughout the year.

Fall Schedule and Registration Packet updated(8-16-17)

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Below are descriptions of the classes we offer.

Contemporary and upbeat, this class will help create flexibility, strength, and agility. A jazz technique class would incorporate turns, leaps, kicks etc. and focus on clarity of lines.

Drumming with your feet!  It’s fun, challenging, and very hip! We offer beginning through advanced classes for all ages.

Bring it! Warm up and groove into the downbeat. Feel the flow and freedom of R&B, Hip Hop, and Old School. This class is relaxed but challenging and brings out individual style.

The foundation for a dancer, positions of classic ballet, turn out, grace, and classroom etiquette are taught. Exercises at the barre, center floor, and musicality all incorporated in variations of the classic Russian, Ceccheecti, Balanchine, and Vaganova styles. Dancers taking level III or IV should attend class both days per week-Options for more advanced levels include Pointe work and variations from ballet classics.

From top- rock, 6-step, and freezes… it’s wicked fun break dancing!

Ballet basics, tumbling, and tap.  A one hour class full of enjoyable creative ways for kids ages 3 to 7 to learn the basics of dance. It’s the perfect mix to start and we even offer a 2nd year Combo for the kids to move up!

A combo class geared towards the hip and edgy new styles with faster paced music and floor work of break dancing and tumbling. Great for boys and girls between 3 to 8 yrs.

Turn down the lights, feel the slower groove of music. Dancers learn to use breath, extension, and grace with new, interesting, and beautiful combinations.

The latest trend in dance a mix of modern, post modern, yoga, ballet, capoeria, hip hop, and much more.  An infusion of cross cultural and artistic expressions finding NEW ways of connecting and communicating.  For the dancers who are ready for more level III-up.

The class is divided into 30 minutes of Jazz and 30 minutes of Tumbling. A great class to move into from the basic Dance Combo class and also a great place for a 5-9 year old to start. No experience required.

Is perfect for the 5-7 year old dancer who is interested in a Fun & Fast pace! The class is divided into 30 minutes of Jazz and 30 minutes of Tap. It’s a great way to get a taste of each dance style to help discover what feels right to you, but we hope that both Jazz and Tap will win your heart!

Get some CHEER in your life! Students will learn chants, cheers, sideline dances, stunts, cheer jumps, cheer stances (arms & legs), tumbling, in combination with strengthening and conditioning exercises. The class will also practice team building and trust exercises to gain a sense of ‘group’ and build strong relationships amoung classmates.

*PLEASE NOTE students must wear shoes with a flat sole and remove all jewelry & pierces for safety reasons.

In Hawaiian culture, the hula is more than just dancing. Come and try our new beginning Auana hula class for ages 9-Adult with instructor Nikki Letherer.  She studied and performed hula with the Hui O Hawai’i Club at the University of Oregon, and studied Polynesian dance during her multiple trips to Hawai’i and French Polynesia.  During the 5 week session, students will learn basic steps and hand movements, the Hawaiian language that goes along with the different hip movements and steps, and a basic hula dance. Class attire will be a pareo (a sarong…a long one please), t-shirt or tank top, and bare feet.  Come for a really great work-out and to learn about the beautiful Hawaiian culture through the medium of dance.